On June 17, 2022, Nadine Trintignant lost part of her life with the disappearance of Jean-Louis Trintignant. The one to whom she was married for 16 years and who is the father of her children has always had an important place in her heart. This is why she assured our colleagues from Paris Match, whose interview is to be found on newsstands Thursday, June 23, 2022, that her death had been a real shock. “We expected it, and yet I didn’t believe it. I didn’t think about it, it was inconceivable,” she said. She remembered that Jean-Louis Trintignant was very afraid of death. “He said it. He had this very beautiful sentence, so true, during our last conversation: ‘When one of us dies, the other will lose the witness of his youth'”, said Nadine Trintignant again, very marked by the death of the actor.

Together, Nadine and Jean-Louis Trintignant had three children: Marie, Vincent and Pauline. They had to deal with the loss of their two daughters. Trials that have united the former lovers forever. They have always been there for each other and couldn’t imagine being able to move forward without each other.

Nadine Trintignant accompanied Jean-Louis Trintignant on his last trip

Only today, aged 87, Nadine Trintignant will however have to move forward alone. She was present during her last trip, to Nîmes, Wednesday June 22, 2022, for the funeral of Jean-Louis Trintignant. She was one of the people close to the actor and needed to say goodbye to him.

Nadine Trintignant © CEDRIC PERRIN


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