Jean-Jacques Goldman, who celebrated his 71st birthday on October 11, is a huge, timeless star. Although he is a “genius singer-songwriter”, as Pure People describes him so well, Jean-Jacques Goldman is also well known for his discretion. Throughout the years, he knew how to perfectly separate his private life and his professional life. Despite his enormous success in the music industry, he has always been able to maintain the privacy of his personal life. Note that Jean-Jacques Goldman is married to Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, 43, today. The couple met while Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier was still a math student. Jean-Jacques Goldman and Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier have three children, Maya, born in 2004, Kimi, born in 2005 and Rose, born in 2007. The couple currently lives in Marseille.

With this union with Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier, Jean-Jacques Goldman was married to the psychologist Catherine Morlet. If the singer has always been discreet about what happened in his marriage, his friend Jean Bender revealed how the artist tried to preserve his couple in his book It will suffice for a sign. Note that “Il suffira d’un signe” is also the title of Goldman’s song released in 1981. A single that marks his departure with fanfare towards unparalleled success. However, at that time, Jean-Jacques Goldman and Catherine Morlet had already been married for six years. During an interview granted to Télé-Loisirs for the promotion of his book, Jean Bender had underlined the fact that Jean-Jacques Goldman had never skimped on the means to separate his star life and his family life. “And he didn’t want it to get mixed up! He always wanted to put this barrier between Jean-Jacques and Goldman,” he confided. “The success meant that he was not often at home, but he tried to be as much as possible: as soon as he did a show or a concert, he returned immediately,” added Jean Bender.

Jean-Jacques Goldman stayed true to himself despite his success

This close friend of the renowned artist underlines the fact that success never got the better of Jean-Jacques Goldman’s personality and that he remained the same. He also only had eyes for his wife whom he had known from childhood because their parents were close. Jean Bender adds that Jean-Jacques Goldman has always been faithful to his sweetheart. “When you don’t need to multiply meetings, it’s because you already know yourself well.”, explains Jean Bender in the face of this reaction from Goldman.

Only, despite all his efforts, all the energy he invested, Jean-Jacques Goldman was unable to devote himself to his family, he regrets. Something he would have tried to catch up with when he married Nathalie Thu Huong-Lagier 20 years ago. Note that Jean-Jacques Goldman and Catherine Morlet have three children together, Caroline, born in 1975, Michael, born in 1979 and Nina, born in 1985.

Jean-Jacques Goldman: what he did in vain to preserve his first marriage to Catherine Morlet

Jean-Jacques Goldman © ROBERT FAGES

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