It is an honorable initiative which allowed Jean-Jacques Goldman to give himself up. As reported by our colleagues from the Parisian, it all started with the project of a second class whose project entitled “Stars & high school students positive against the coronavirus” allowed them to meet the one who has remained, for years, the favorite personality of the French . The profits of the high school students project being donated to the Red Cross, it is possible that this encouraged Jean-Jacques Goldman to agree to be interviewed when he is known for his discretion. The 126-page book is on sale at a price of 24 euros and in addition to Jean-Jacques Goldman, readers will also find comments from Jane Fonda, Sophie Marceau, Mark Harmon, Francis Cabrel or even Patrick Bruel.

Asked about the global health crisis that started with the spread of Covid-19, Jean-Jacques Goldman took the opportunity to make a transition on part of his family history. While citizens around the world have been confined for more or less time to protect themselves against the coronavirus in recent times, global containment is far from a first. According to the words quoted by the Parisian, the singer indeed spoke of “his mother, who had been confined for four years during the Second World War”. As a reminder, her mother, Ruth Ambrunn, born in 1922 and died in 2008, was German Jew.

The situation is terrible for Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman also underlined the consequences of the pandemic on his state of mind, citing his “lack of the most banal recklessness to enter a restaurant, an auditorium, a gym, without fear” . He describes a “terrible” situation for young artists, athletes and all those people who, after having worked hard for years, wanted to get started and found themselves slowed down by the pandemic. Jean-Jacques Goldman therefore tries to contribute on his own scale, for example by participating in the project of these high schools or, as in March 2020, when he had made a cover of the song “He changed life” by transforming it into “They save lives “in tribute to all the caregivers who, since the start of the pandemic, are even more burdened with work.

Jean-Jacques Goldman © ROBERT FAGES

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