Tongues loosen. Since the revelation of the complaint lodged against Jean-Jacques Bourdin, several women have spoken. “Today, I am calm, calm. But for years, I went to work with fear in my stomach, completely stressed. I file a complaint with the conviction that other women are concerned and that this will perhaps allow to free the speech of other women”, explained Fanny Agostini to Mediapart. Sidonie Bonnec also remembered an invitation to Corsica from the journalist, who reminded her not to forget her swimsuit: “This sentence cut my legs. Suddenly, it was no longer professional. at all. I didn’t see my future boss saying to me, ‘Take your bathing suit.’ I thought to myself that we had a huge problem.”

In the columns of Mediapart, the former assistant of Jean-Jacques Bourdin also takes the floor to denounce the sexist behavior that he would have had within RMC. “I often pointed out to him, speaking of other couples, that a 25-year-old young woman is not, or very rarely, physically attracted to a 60-year-old man,” said Carol Isoux, who supported the journalist for three years, from 2003 and 2006, who remembered having been afraid of being a target of Jean-Jacques Bourdin. To avoid this, she implemented “avoidance strategies”: “For example, I made myself ugly with my clothes. So much so that I was summoned by the management to hear me say that I could not no longer arrive at the studio ‘in pajamas'”.

“You can get humiliated, yelled at”

“Your whole professional life, but in a certain sense your personal life as well, depends on your relationship with Jean-Jacques Bourdin. When you are in his good graces, everything is fine. Otherwise you know that you can be humiliated, yell at it. Until he loves you again”, described Carol Isoux, who does not have good memories of her years as an assistant. Last January, Fanny Agostini filed a complaint against Jean-Jacques Bourdin for attempted sexual assault. The facts of which she accuses him would have taken place in Corsica, in 2013. “He began to swim parallel to me, while starting to pay me compliments, to tell me that I had changed, that he didn’t see like that. I was super uncomfortable, my stomach was tight,” she described, explaining that the journalist then tried to kiss her several times.

Jean-Jacques Bourdin © Christophe Clovis

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