Jean Imbert has been at the head of the Plaza Athénée kitchens for more than a month. For the occasion, the 40-year-old chef gave an interview to Le Monde on August 20. With our colleagues, he notably revealed one of his dreams, namely to prepare food for an American superstar who is none other than Michael Jordan. A wish that goes back a long time since he was only 18 when he hoped to be able to delight the taste buds of the former basketball player. Either way, he doesn’t feel sorry for himself for not having fulfilled that dream yet. “I invent new ones every day,” he explained enthusiastically.

Even if he can boast of having succeeded Alain Ducasse, Jean Imbert is obviously always looking to improve, taking inspiration from the greatest. His ritual, every Sunday evening, consists of dining in one of the restaurants run by chef Yannick Alléno. For the little parenthesis, his colleague has still not had the privilege of tasting his cuisine. He, in any case, is interested in the preparations of his elder. “He sits alone at a table, he eats while blackening pages and pages of writings, he is discreet. And pays his bill”, as reported by Le Monde. It must be said that working for the Plaza Athénée hotel is a privilege and that it has to be the best, looking for inspiration where it can be.

A chef determined to “be up to the task”

Moreover, at the beginning of July, when he was officially appointed head of the establishment, he had sent his thanks to Alain Ducasse, on Instagram. “Chief, succeeding you is an honor. Thank you (…) for all your kind words concerning me during your speech (…) and especially for all your many wise and non-consensual advice for months. This transition is a transmission and I am touched. From now on we will be working all summer to be ready in September and I will do everything to be up to those who believe in me “, wrote Jean Imbert, with pride and gratitude, in caption of his post.

Jean Imbert © Jacovides

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