They want to make lie the famous adage “never two without three”. This Sunday, October 18, Jean-Claude Van Damme is celebrating. In addition to celebrating his 60th birthday, the comedian and martial arts specialist is being honored by 6ter which tonight broadcasts two films in which he played, Kickboxer and Cavale sans issue. Although very local, Jean-Claude Van Damme only mentions his private life on very rare occasions. The actor, who has been married five times, yet spins the perfect love for many years with the former bodybuilder and ephemeral actress Gladys Portugues. It was in 1986 that the two got married … for the first time. Together, they had two children: Kristopher, born in 1987 and Bianca, born in 1990. Three years after the birth of their daughter, the two separated before divorcing because of the affair that JCVD ​​had with Darcy LaPier, who ‘he eventually married in 1994 and that gave him a third child, Nicholas.

After the breakdown of his marriage, Jean-Claude Van Damme managed to win back Gladys Portugues’ heart and the two put the ring back on their finger in 1999. But fifteen years after their second marriage, things started to turn again. spoil themselves between the parents of Kristopher and Bianca. So much so that the ex-bodybuilder would have asked for a divorce for “various irreconcilable”. However, they soon realized that their love for each other was greater than any problems they might encounter. “Couples have to work to sort out their worries,” Jean-Claude Van Damme confided to TMZ a few months later. I have already divorced, it’s not funny. There are so many divorces in the world, and it is so bad for kids, people, parents. ” At the time, he explained that “the family was always strong”.

A strong couple despite rumors

“The kids are strong, my wife is strong. There are so many divorces all over the world and it’s very bad for the kids. It’s not fun for the kids, the people, the parents… and even for the country. If people manage to stay together like in the good old days, that will make America stronger, assured Jean-Claude Van Damme. We still love each other, of course, and all the people I have. encountered in my life, I love all of them. ” And if the rumors of separation are still current, just like the relations that the actor would maintain, the couple sweeps them aside with the back of the hand. For her husband’s birthday, Gladys Portugues shared a nostalgic photo. “I love you”, she wrote before signing her message: “Your wife and your best friend”.

Jean-Claude Van Damme and his wife Gladys Portugues © AGENCE

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