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Jean-Claude Van Damme saves a puppy who was going to be euthanized

The Belgian actor, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday, got rid of a three-month-old Chihuahua who was going to be euthanized for violating European Union health rules. In September, the young dog named Raya was bought in Bulgaria by a Norwegian named Alexey Iversen who had her shipped to her native country. Problem: when the latter brought Raya to the vet, the specialist noticed that the little bitch’s papers were falsified due to the date of the rabies vaccination indicated for the two months of the animal, when the puppies should normally be at least three months old before being vaccinated. After being reported to the European Food Safety Authority by the veterinarian, Raya was seized and placed in quarantine. The Norwegian Government then confirmed that the animal had been shipped from Bulgaria to Norway under a false passport and that unless the authorities in Sofia took it back, Raya would be euthanized.

“I almost lost all hope of saving the life of this innocent chihuahua when I received the information that the European Food Safety Authority had refused to return the puppy to Bulgaria,” Alexey Iversen wrote in the description. of his online petition to save Raya. Fortunately, the little bitch was able to count on the support of Jean-Claude Van Damme who, after hearing about this story, shared the petition by addressing the decision-makers directly: “I beg you, please, for my birthday, please change your decision with the food safety authority “asked the actor in a Facebook Live video,” People who did not do the paper correctly, we made a mistake … If they have to pay (a fine, editor’s note), I’ll pay it. No problem. But we can’t kill this little chihuahua. “

Please, sign this @Change petition and help me save a puppy https://t.co/yTxPuXzk3X

– Jean-Claude Van Damme (@JCVD) October 17, 2020

Animal trafficking: a “lucrative business”

For Raya, the story ends “well” since, exceptionally, Bulgaria has agreed to take it back and place it for adoption. But Yavor Gechev, the representative of the Bulgarian office of FOUR PAWS, an international animal protection group, warned of the widespread existence of animal trafficking in Central and Eastern Europe, resold at higher prices in Eastern Europe. Where is. “It’s a very lucrative business,” he told The New York Times.

Jean Claude Van Damme © AGENCY

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