A final season? Jazz Correia is a former reality TV candidate who became known in the show Who wants to marry my son in 2015. Subsequently, the young woman has become an emblematic figure of television. Very close to her subscribers, she is very transparent with them and does not hesitate to share her hard times with them. While the new season of the JLC Family will air on January 3, 2022 on TFX, the first episode has been revealed. In it, it is a very upset Jazz Correia that Internet users have seen. During the first few minutes, before even starting filming, she bursts into tears in front of her producer. “I don’t feel too much. It’s hard to pretend it’s going to be okay when you’re in pain,” she explains first. A few seconds later, she specifies: “Until the day before yesterday, I told myself that I could not do this shoot”, she assures before adding: “Everyone told me ‘ we have already taken your social networks away, we have taken that away from you … Do not drop your show either, etc “, she concluded. Will she stop everything?

She can’t take it anymore. Viewers have been following the adventures of the JLC Family for five seasons now. Images that are constantly around social networks and it seems that Jazz Correia is at its wit’s end. “I like doing my show but under these conditions I like less. The thing is, I don’t want to disappoint you but I don’t know if I can do it”, she then for follow-up. Used to cameras, the young woman says, however: “In real life, I do not even want to do this shoot. I do not want to ruin my life at 30 for TV, for money, for work “. If this situation seemed to suit her when she started, the reality TV candidate is no longer fulfilled at all. “It’s supposed to be a pleasure. Before it was a pride for me to have the JLC Family now it’s rubbish. I don’t want to suffer just for that”, she said concluded, very upset. Will this fifth season be the last?

Jazz Correia: why has she recently raised a rant?

Jazz Correia has chosen to be very transparent with its subscribers and to expose its private life. An initiative that is not to everyone’s taste and many Internet users are making it known. Could this be the reason why she is fed up with filming the JLC family? Indeed, she flaunts her private life and is the object of criticism on a daily basis. While she recently gave birth to her third child, the young woman immediately confided in her, as did her first two children. “Let them live their lives your children instead of monetizing them on social media,” said one follower. What the main concerned defended herself and retorted: “I do not earn € 1 thanks to my children on social networks,” she said. “My kids are just YLC and people don’t follow me for my big ass or for reality TV shows. People love and follow a family, my family and they are a part of it,” he said. – she concluded. An exchange that most certainly upset her.

Jazz Correia © Instagram

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