They weren’t expecting it. Jazz Correia is a reality TV candidate very close to its subscribers. She shares her daily life on social networks and connects anecdotes and confidences. This Wednesday, December 22, she made a very surprising announcement regarding her two older children, Chelsea and Cayden. Aged 4 and 2 respectively, they already seem to want to launch their careers. “I have great news to tell you,” she said, impatiently. “As you know, lately Chelsea and Cayden were on a new project, some music they made, with a little choreography, a little clip, etc”, she continued before moving on. add: “I have the honor and pride to announce that their first music will be released on December 29”. Proud of her children, Jazz Correia went on to explain: “I can’t wait for you to introduce her to your children, your nephews, your nieces”. Impatient to introduce this piece to her subscribers, the reality TV candidate assured that her children had had a good time. “They had a wonderful time. They loved it. Chelsea found a passion. Afterwards, she is a fan of her auntie so that doesn’t surprise me,” she concluded.

They were worried. If all goes well today, Jazz Correia was very upset following the birth of her third child. On December 8, the young woman and her husband, Laurent Correia, welcomed their little boy named London Sky. Very happy, the dream quickly turned into a nightmare as the newborn baby encountered some complications. “We are going through very difficult times. Last night, our baby’s health deteriorated. We are not in good shape, but as soon as I have the courage, I explain to you,” she explained. Today everything seems to be going well and the little boy was able to join his sister Chelsea and his brother Cayden at home. Good news announced by Jazz Correia on December 16th. “After 8 days of anguish, pain, sorrow. 8 days where we really suffered, the real one, the one where you rely only on God and your loved ones. Today, we are happy – more than never – to have come home with our son, ”she said. On her social networks, she can now share her daily life with her entire family.

Jazz and Laurent Correia: why have they recently been at the heart of a controversy?

The slightest deeds and gestures of Jazz and Laurent Correia are commented on on social networks. Thus, they do not hesitate to justify every decision they make. This is the case a few days ago, when they talked about their choice not to give each other gifts between adults. “Guys, we are not in a fight because we do not give each other gifts between adults”, she had first assured before adding: “If we had had a billion gifts, you would have said ‘It’s always too much, it’s always too much. nice Christmas present is that our son is at home in good health, “concluded Jazz Correia.

Jazz Correia © Instagram

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