Jazz and Laurent Correia have been a couple since 2017 and form the JLC Family. In their own show bearing this name, the influencer couple reveals their intimate life, with their family, far from the filters of Instagram or other social networks. Moreover, the new season begins this Monday January 3, 2022, from 4 p.m. on TFX, and the matriarch promises new adventures in Dubai placed under the sign of the truth, through the follow-up of her third pregnancy but also scandals that are part of their life …

On the occasion of the broadcast of the new season of the JLC Family, our colleagues from Le Parisien spoke with Jazz Correia. In the columns of the newspaper, the French reality TV star followed by 4 million subscribers on Instagram remembers the reasons why she and her clan decided to leave France to live in Dubai: “We made this decision after being held up at our home in 2018. I was tied up in a chair with my 3-4 month old child. I still have trauma from it. I still can’t sleep in pitch darkness, for example. ”

Jazz no longer wants to live in Dubai with influencers

But if Jazz and Laurent have built a wonderful life in Dubai and seem to be swimming there happily, their reality would be quite different and leaving this place would now be in the planning stage. She explains: “Today we are thinking about leaving Dubai because it has become a fashion springboard for influencers … While I only aspire to a normal life with my family. a superficial image, very bling-bling and, I admit, a slightly beautiful image. But in reality, we just want to find privacy. ” So, the JLC Family towards a new beginning?

Jazz Correia (JLC Family) © Instagram

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