She never forgot. Jazz Correia is a reality TV contestant who has been talking about her private life on social media for several years. In 2018, the young woman was the victim of a burglary which marked her a lot. She agreed to mention it in the columns of the Parisian this Monday, January 3 and made moving confidences. “We made the decision to move to Dubai after being held up at our home. I was tied up in a chair with my 3-4 month old child,” she often remembered. . Subsequently, she said she “still had trauma. I still can not sleep in the dark aboslu, for example,” she said. While she is very close to her subscribers and shares her daily life with them, Jazz Correia says she is thinking about changing her life. “We are thinking about leaving Dubai because it has become a fashion springboard for influencers … While I only aspire to a normal life with my family,” she concluded. As a reminder, the young woman is married to Laurent Correia. Both have three children, Chelsea, Cayden and they recently welcomed a baby boy named London Sky.

She was traumatized. This burglary, Jazz Correia did not hesitate to mention it in the columns of Vanity Fair in April 2021. “I hear my husband screaming in the living room, I come across a hooded guy in my bed. They tied me to a chair, gassed my 4-month-old daughter, stabbed Laurent, emptied the house in forty-five minutes “, she had first told. Subsequently, she mentioned the arrival of the police and assured that they had shown no compassion. “Did you look for it a bit by showing yourself off like this?”, “That’s the price to pay when you live like you …”, “Besides, is the Lamborghini yours out there?” they declared to the JLC Family. A very upsetting period for the couple, who then made the decision to move to Dubai. Today, if Jazz Correia is fulfilled with her husband and her children, she nevertheless indicates that she wants “to regain intimacy. I have the impression of not being considered as a woman or a mother, but as something of the networks school, ”she concluded. Will she make the decision to stop everything?

Jazz Correia: why does she want to move away from social networks?

Jazz Correia is fed up. Very present on social networks, she is constantly the subject of criticism and rumors, which reach her a lot. More recently, it was his relationship with Laurent Correia who was affected. “These rumors are getting worse and worse”, she first assured before adding: “I suffer psychologically. When it comes to real facts, it’s fine. But when it is invented, it hurts a lot “, concluded the young woman.

Jazz Correia © Instagram

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