On Wednesday December 8, Jazz Correia gave birth to her third child, a son named London. The one who is already a mother of Chelsea and Cayden announced the good news to her fans, before learning from them, a few hours later, that he was affected by a major health problem. “I will tell you quietly tomorrow. But yes super hyper complicated, emotionally speaking. But all’s well that ends well,” she said in an Instagram story on Wednesday. As agreed, the reality TV candidate gave some news this Thursday, but it is unfortunately not good. From his hospital bed, in tears, Jazz let Internet users know that the health of his baby had deteriorated since the day before. “I thought there was something wrong. His heart was beating fast. I felt it was wrong. Suddenly I called the doctors, they came and they went. checked my baby, explained the young mother. They told me ‘there is a problem. even more fluid in the lungs than in the morning (…) On top of that, they also see an air hole, (…) plus an infection in both lungs. (…) And we don’t do not know what it is due to “, let know Jazz before adding:” In the best case, we have 7 days (of care, note) and in the worst … I do not want to think about it. “

Jazz Correia: this new message full of hope

This Friday morning, the young woman posted a new message on Instagram, namely a photo of the London incubator accompanied by the caption: “Today is Friday” followed by prayer emojis. Hope the news to come is good!

Jazz Correia © Instagram

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