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Jared Leto: this very precious object that he lost three years ago

Jared Leto gave a virtual interview to James Corden which aired on his show The Late Late Show on Tuesday January 26th. The actor indulged in a few secrets, including a relatively funny one. He revealed that he lost a very valuable item. If we can, at first glance, think of clothes or a jewel, it is not so since it is actually … an Oscar, more precisely that of the best actor in a supporting role than he won in 2014. It was his stunning performance in Dallas Buyers Club that earned him an Academy Award nomination. A first appointment that had been highlighted in the most beautiful way. So he confided in James Corden saying: “I found out that my Oscar has been missing for three years. I was not aware, I think nobody wanted to tell me.” He then indicates that it would have disappeared “as if by magic” after his last move to Los Angeles.

But where is this precious statuette? “She could be somewhere in the corner, but everyone looked everywhere,” he said before adding: “I remember the evening. I passed it from hand to hand so that the people take pictures. I think someone took it, it’s not something you throw in the trash. ” He concludes by saying: “I hope she is in good hands, wherever she is. We haven’t seen her for a while.” If this Oscar hasn’t been in Jared Leto’s hands for three years, could it be better? Indeed, the actor told an anecdote of the day he received this distinction, saying: “I was carrying it up the stairs, BOOM, I hit it against the railing and I noticed that there was a small notch at the back “. So hoping that the person who is in his possession takes care of this statuette which has an important value for the artist who receives it.

Jared Leto, an actor cut off from the world

Jared Leto continues to suspend, especially with his roles in which he merges completely with the character he plays. During the interview with James Corden, he returned to the coronavirus pandemic. He made a strange confession, which will surprise more than one: “I was gone for two weeks of silent meditation. The idea was to get away, to get rid of his phone, his distractions, everything. the rest and just meditate, ”he explains first. He then states: “When I left there were about 150 cases of coronavirus but when I came back after that short time everything was closed, a state of emergency was declared, the whole world had changed. “. A very brutal return to reality for the actor who, during his escape, had “no our phones, no television, no eye contact”.

Jared Leto © Backgrid USA

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