Star of the group Thirty Seconds to Mars and successful actor, Jared Leto is at the head of a fortune estimated at nearly 100 million dollars! Thanks to her various stock market investments, the star was able to afford the house of her dreams! When he once said his house in Los Angeles was haunted, it was in an interview with Public that Jared Leto explained, “It’s the truth. This house is located on a former secret base in the city. “US Air Force. I don’t know what experiments have been carried out there in the past, but this house speaks to me sometimes. I assure you. It tells me things. Besides, my cleaning lady confided me to on several occasions that they had seen ghosts moving around the rooms. “

During this interview, the singer and actor assured: “It’s so creepy that one of my employees gave me his resignation. In the night, I hear footsteps, noises, whispers, crackles. ” However, it is out of the question for him to move! “No, because I feel good there. Having my own house has always been my ultimate dream,” he said before adding: “During my lean period, I slept in my car , in thickets and sometimes on the roofs of parking lots! I have also known sordid youth hostels and motels where people came to take crack! I never told that, but I was homeless, I slept under the stars on Venice Beach. I ended up finding a room the size of a broom closet! However, I never felt the need to have a villa that had it in. My eyes are in full view. My house is a few rooms and a dirty pool that I haven’t set foot in for a while. “

Jared Leto: “I hear voices”

Four years earlier, it was in an interview with ES that Jared Leto had revealed living in a haunted house. So he assured: “Only God knows what really happened in this house. But I can hear voices indeed! This house is like a refuge. It is difficult to leave .. . “

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