Jane Seymour: at 69, she weighs the same as at 15

At almost 70 years old, Jane Seymour is still beautiful. This year, she even tops the list of sexiest movie actresses over 60, beating Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon! Star of the series Doctor Quinn, female doctor in the 1990s, the actress seems not to age. For the Daily Mail, she revealed: “I’m not botoxed because an actress’ face has to move. I haven’t had the actual plastic surgery and still have the same weight as when. I was 15. I still feel sexy. What also gives you a glow at my age is being healthy and comfortable in your skin, instead of ‘obsessed with the passage of time. ”

Despite her age, Jane Seymour is much more in demand than actresses who are half her age. She said, “I feel like I’m in the prime of my life when it comes to theater. I’ve been incredibly busy despite the pandemic. My agent told me earlier this year, ‘You surrender Do you think you’re the only person in my entire agency working right now? ‘”Her secret to staying in shape? Eat everything in moderation! For People, however, she revealed that she was watching her line. “I feel like a lot of people I know just let it go. They had kids and then they were like, ‘Okay, I’m quitting taking care of myself, what I look like, d ‘trying to stay in shape.’ “, she analyzed.

The secret of her dream physique

Mother of four children, the star has always managed to regain her figure despite her pregnancies. She confided then: “Some people think that people like me go to exotic SPAs, that they have all kinds of special treatments, when I don’t do any of that. In fact, I just want to show what it is. it happens when you follow a very simple diet like mine. ” Two years ago, it was for Playboy magazine that the former James Bond Girl revealed: “I did not do cosmetic surgery, injections. I did not do any of that. (…) I am tempted every day so I watch the people around me who do it and I do not recognize them. I remain myself naturally. It is important for me. ”

Jane Seymour © Agency

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