Jane Fonda: the actress’ daring confidences about her sex life and her lovers

Jane Fonda has (almost) no secrets. At 82, the actress is still so liberated in her words. The language of wood, she does not know! In the columns of the New York Times, she notably spoke about her past relations with Hollywood stars … without mince words. Regarding Marlon Brando, Jane Fonda admitted a real “disappointment”. Disappointed, she was also disappointed by Marvin Gaye, but not for the same reasons. Without taboo, she revealed that she would have liked to have carnal relations with the singer. “He wanted to but I didn’t,” she blurted out. “I was married to Tom Hauden. I used to meet a lot of artists to try and do concerts for Tom and the woman who helped me. doing that introduced me to Marvin. ” She went on to mention the performer of the scorching song Sexual Healing: “But then I read, apparently he had my picture on his refrigerator. I only found out later, after he died.”

In the cinema, she had the opportunity to shoot with real sex symbols. Like Robert Redford. Not long ago, she confessed that she had loved playing “sex scenes” alongside him. And to clarify: “He gives fabulous kisses, so it was fun to kiss him when I was in his twenties and kiss him again at almost 80.” In 2018, Jane Fonda confided with a lot of frankness in the columns of People about how she has long been defined by the men in her life. “Until my sixties, I was to some extent defined by the men in my life,” she said. “I was raised to please. I wanted my dad to love me to be who I am. he wanted me to be, not necessarily what I already was. I had to get into my sixties, and then I started to become what I was meant to be from the start. ”

Jane Fonda: “I gave myself 100% in love”

Long stuck in an image that was not hers, Jane Fonda took advantage of her sixties to finally emancipate herself. “Every wrinkle on my skin, every scar on my heart is now mine,” she confided to RTL. “I assume any imperfection.” She continued: “It took me 60 years to learn to say no. I would say yes to any project. I had roles that I didn’t like and I let myself be too. I didn’t know. not defend myself. If I had known. Today, however, I say no and then I go. ” At 82, Jane Fonda has drawn the line on love and sexuality. “I have known my share of adventures, loves, romances, but I no longer have the energy or the desire to devote a large part of my time to a man, she added to our colleagues. . I gave myself 100% in love, even though I often had the feeling of being used.

Jane Fonda © Backgrid USA

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