Jane Fonda, 82: why she’s going to stop dating

Jane Fonda has made a radical decision about her privacy. At 82, the environmental activist decided to stop looking for love and end her celibate life. “It’s just over – I closed the shop. I’m extremely happy on my own,” she blurted out in The Guardian’s columns on the occasion of the release of her new book, What can I do. make? The truth about climate change. Married three times, she has always been disappointed with husbands to whom she said “yes”. Looking back, she came to understand the reason for her romantic failures. “I always wanted to date someone who was the opposite of my dad. I didn’t realize that, in the way that really mattered, I had chosen men who were like him because they all had trouble with privacy. ” She thus refers to the actor Henry Fonda, legendary Hollywood actor with whom she had also shared the poster on the film, On Golden Pond.

Today, she claims to feel stronger than her father but also the men to whom she was married. Even though she is determined to go on with her life as she sees fit, Jane Fonda has regrets. In the columns of the New York Times, she returned to her past relationships in a very cash manner. She notably confessed to having been very disappointed by Marlon Brando. Regarding Robert Redford, with whom she often played in the cinema, she admitted to having loved playing “sex scenes” at his side. And to clarify: “He gives fabulous kisses, so it was fun to kiss him when I was in his twenties and kiss him again at almost 80.”

Jane Fonda is perfectly comfortable at over 80

It can be said, at over 82 years old, Jane Fonda is a completely liberated woman who assumes her body and her freedom of expression. She is determined to say what she thinks without any taboos.

Jane Fonda © © Broadimage / KCS

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