Deep concern for those close to Jane Birkin. Monday, September 6, relatives of the singer and actress announced that she had been the victim of “a mild form of stroke” but that her life was not in danger. “She is doing well, also her relatives want the peace necessary for her convalescence to be respected. Jane is eager to find her audience,” her family told AFP. A small fright and a disappointment also for Jane Birkin, forced to cancel two highly anticipated appearances, such as her coming to the Deauville Festival, but also the Ciné Rencontres Festival in the Cotentin.

If she suffered a stroke, the singer who also fought against leukemia in 1998, cured and then reappeared in 2013. “The doctors got me out of the disease. It was also a form of awakening. I understood, whether I like it or not, that I was only ten years old in front of me. Well, if I do like mom, maybe a little more. But there is not a moment to lose “, she had thus clarified in 2017, she who had at the time spent not less than a year and a half at the Avicenne hospital, in Bobigny. Regularly visited by her three daughters, Kate, Charlotte and Lou, Jane Birkin even confided in 2019 that they had been “great”. “Our bond was so tender and funny. We can do anything when we are in good company,” she added.

Jane Birkin also chronically ill

In addition to having been affected by leukemia, “a fairly common disease” and cancer “not very painful”, Jane Birkin, who had left Serge Gainsbourg because of his alcoholism, is also suffering from a chronic disease, which ‘she spoke briefly to Femme Actuelle last January. “Because of my chronic illness, the insurance companies do not want to commit, or only a day or two of filming …”, she lamented to explain in particular her increasingly rare appearances at the screen, she who mainly focuses on her musical career.


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