This December 2013, Jane Birkin would like to erase it forever from her memory. Act as if he never existed. Indeed, this is the date on which her daughter, Kate Barry, born from her relationship with composer John Barry (with whom she was in a relationship before Serge Gainsbourg) tragically died. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon’s half-sister was killed at the age of 46, falling from the fourth floor of her Paris apartment. The tragedy occurred around 6.30 p.m.: the witnesses reported hearing a thud in the interior courtyard of the building located in Claude Chahu, in the XVI arrondissement, before finding the body of the photographer, on the ground and lifeless.

Accident or fatal act? In any case, antidepressants will be found in the apartment which was closed from the inside, giving rise to suspicion of a certain discomfort. Being alone at her home, the first findings of the investigation quickly support the thesis of suicide: the clan will never confide in the subject and the funeral will take place on December 19, in the Saint-Roch church. Devastated and to try to forget her pain, Charlotte Gainsbourg will leave Paris, this city she loves so much but which reminded her too much of the memory of her deceased sister.

Who was Kate Barry, Jane Birkin’s first daughter?

Kate Barry was the daughter of Jane Birkin and composer John Barry, to whom we owe the majority of James Bond’s music. Her parents separated when she was a baby and it was Serge Gainsbourg who raised her as if she were his daughter. Moreover, when the British actress leaves Gainsbarre, it is Kate who will have the most difficulty leaving him! She is therefore the half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon, and she was the most discreet of the clan. Unlike her sisters who shone in the cinema, she preferred to live far from the media, brilliantly exercising her profession as a photographer for various publications, such as Elle, Paris Match or Figaro Madame. The artist could not stand the limelight, as she revealed to the Parisian in 2011: “It is undoubtedly gratifying to be loved by people, it carries you, but it is also extremely fragile. ‘didn’t have the taste and wouldn’t have had the strength. ” Died on December 11, 2013, she leaves behind a grieving family, a son, Roman, born March 31, 1987, and a daughter Olga Milshtein, born in 2005.


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