This is rather reassuring news. Last September, the family of Jane Birkin announced via a press release broadcast by AFP, that the singer had suffered a stroke. Almost two months later, Etienne Daho, very close to the artist, gave news of the latter, at the microphone of RTL, this Thursday, October 28: “She is fine, she is someone who has a lot of willpower. , of inner strength. She’s someone who has a lot of energy. She’s exceptional, really. She’s doing a lot better, she’s someone who is in action no matter what, she trots! “, he confides. Very good news therefore on the state of health of the former companion of Serge Gainsbourg who had caused cold sweats to his fans.

74-year-old Jane Birkin had suffered “a mild form of stroke,” as reported in the press release. But since then, very little news has leaked to the press. But Etienne Daho is very close to the Birkin family, especially the singer, who co-produced his latest album, called Oh sorry, you were sleeping and even sang a duet in two songs. It is the artist herself who confessed that without Etienne Daho, she would never have released a new album!

Jane Birkin is doing better!

On the side of Jane Birkin’s family, only Charlotte Gainsbourg had given some news of her mother. The one who happened to be in full promotion of her film dedicated to her mother and baptized Jane by Charlotte, then wrote: “I have a message from my mother. I got it earlier and I know that the people are worried about her. She is fine (…) I asked her if she wanted me to say something. She told me ‘that everything is fine and that the Nantes University Hospital is great “. Her fans are eager to see Jane Birkin in better shape!

Jane Birkin © MPP

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