Jane Birkin sickly jealous with John Barry: this act of violence that she inflicted on herself

It was time for confidence for Jane Birkin. Wednesday February 10, 2021, while she was a guest on Europe 1 in the program Ça fait du bien hosted by Anne Roumanoff, the actress and singer made some revelations. Thus, she confessed to being of “sick jealousy”. “Even quite small, when I read my diaries … I started with John Barry when I was 17 years old. I see him the poor man come home with this hysterical teenager” he said. she first told. Then, Jane Birkin revealed that she was self-mutilating at the time. “I was scratching my legs with blood and throwing eggs in frustration because I had nothing to say.” she added.

As a reminder, the love affair between Jane Birkin and music composer John Barry lasted three years. It was in 1964 that the couple got married before giving birth to their first child. Indeed, in 1967 was born Kate Barry, their one and only daughter. Unfortunately, the latter had a tragic fate. In 2013, she succumbed to a fall from the fourth floor at just 46 years old. An unbearable death for his mother Jane Birkin who is still struggling to recover. “I stopped writing on the evening of December 11, 2013, when my daughter Kate died. Unable to continue, as if I no longer had the right to express myself in this fog, having lost all self-confidence as a mother. I eclipsed myself. She who had remained English, was my accomplice, sometimes my compass, sometimes my opponent “she wrote on October 23, 2020 in the preface to her book” Post-Scriptum “.

Jane Birkin and John Barry: A Physics-Based Story

In September 2020, in the columns of Elle magazine, Jane Birkin had delivered a secret about her relationship with John Barry by declaring: “When I married John Barry at 18, I was just a face covered in paint , hiding behind a make-up mask. I think I matched the look of the pretty English girl of the 1960s, “she said,” I slept with an eye pencil under my pillow. I wanted to be able to do it. put in case he wakes up in the night … so he doesn’t think I have piggy eyes. I had so many complexes, it was crazy. I spent most of my time time trying to look like a fashion table. “


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