She didn’t mince words. Jane Birkin is making her comeback on the front of the stage. She suffered a mild stroke last August and was forced to rest for several months. As she resumes her tour, she confided in the columns of the Parisian this Wednesday, January 12. The French and the whole world have been living with the Covid-19 epidemic for two years. To eradicate it, many solutions have been put in place, including a major vaccination campaign. This one made a lot of talk and Jane Birkin did not hesitate to give her opinion. “I am lucky to have parents who never complained. They had known the war, the real one. There, it is not the war”, she first affirmed. “We wear a mask, so what? I am triply vaccinated, there are countries that are not so lucky,” she continued before adding: “I really pity the people who have lost loved ones , the caregivers who are at the front. But I’m sure things will get better soon, “she concluded, very optimistic for the future.

She is happy. Finding her audience, Jane Birkin waited desperately. Thus, after her forced but important and necessary break, she was able to resume her tour. “I’m relieved that my return on stage has happened. Besides, you’re doing a show that was canceled five months ago,” she explained before adding: “It was pretty weird but the people were so happy to see a concert and gave me so much “. In heaven, she then said that she was “delighted to go on tour again. It’s my job. It’s an incredible chance to jump on a train with Bielsa (Editor’s note: his dog) and my assistant, find my musicians in a place unknown, discover new faces, maybe move them, “she said. What about his health accident? “It’s not even a memory. It was especially difficult for those close to me. I knew I was in good hands,” said the actress. “Intensive care, I know by heart. French public hospitals are great, the nurses adorable”, concluded Jane Birkin, delighted that this period is behind her.

Jane Birkin: Did she mention Serge Gainsbourg’s house?

For twelve years, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin lived a passionate love story, from which Charlotte Gainsbourg was born. The singer’s house will soon be accessible to the public. An initiative hailed by the actress. “I lived there thirteen years but I had not been there for a very long time. People are going to be absolutely flabbergasted when they go to see this house where nothing has changed,” she said at first. “We find Serge’s painterly eye, his total originality … It is obvious that he would have wanted it to become a museum”, concluded Jane Birkin.


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