A date they will never forget … On December 11, 2013, Jane Birkin lost her eldest daughter. At 46, Kate Barry lost her life falling from the fourth floor of her apartment. On the occasion of the theatrical release on January 12 of the documentary Jane by Charlotte, it was in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche that Charlotte Gainsbourg recalled: “After Kate’s death, I left for the United States . I needed this even though I knew I was hurting those around me … I find it complicated to share grief anyway. And the suffering of a sister is so different from the suffering of a mother.” In mourning, Jane Birkin explained: “It’s been eight years. It’s the lack that panics. We are afraid of losing the sound of the voice, the memories. People who have been there know that.”

During this interview, Jane Birkin unveiled: “My brother went through this with his eldest son … The helplessness in the face of the other’s grief is excruciating. We can just be there … After Kate, I don’t I wasn’t there for Lou and Charlotte. I was sick too. I blamed myself for not being a tree strong enough to put my branches around them and support them. ” Finally, her daughter, Charlotte Gainsbourg added: “I wanted to talk about it in the movie, but I didn’t want to use Kate to provoke an emotion. There is just one shameful moment: one second too long when I show a picture. Kate, then I propose to stop because I see that it is hard for my mother. I blame myself a little … “

Jane Birkin: “His disappearance changed my outlook on life”

Last March, it was in an interview with Télé 7 jours that the actress made revelations about the lack of her daughter. “His passing changed my outlook on life. When I walk past a florist, I wonder what bouquet I’m going to be able to bring to the cemetery. If I go to the beach, I wonder which shell to choose to put on his grave . When I meet a person who has his hair color, this ash blonde, so rare, I think of the last time I saw his hair. It is in all the details around me “, she had revealed. For the Parisian, she added: “The pain is so great, the lack … To think that I will be without her until the end of my life is unimaginable (…) She told me that ‘She would keep me when I was old. I was lucky to have such a daughter! She was terribly human. “

Jane Birkin and Kate Barry © BERTRAND RINDOFF PETROFF

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