While this March 2, 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the death of singer Serge Gainsbourg, a look back at the mythical couple he formed with Jane Birkin, and the painful conditions of their breakup. Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg formed what will remain as one of the most emblematic couples of the 1970s. From their love, which was born on the set of the film Slogan, in 1969, was born in particular a girl, Charlotte, in 1971. But in the early 1990s, the Londoner decides to leave the man she loves. And the main reason for this rupture is the disease which strikes Serge Gainsbourg, for several years: alcoholism.

“I drank a lot (…) Even if we think we had every reason in the world to do it and after all, being drunk until five in the morning in nightclubs I had it until then also in a way “, she explains, in October 2019, on the set of Daily. If it is Jane Birkin who made the decision to leave, Serge Gainsbourg decides to assume this separation. Aware that alcohol plunges him into his demons and sometimes makes him violent, the singer does not hold back the woman of his life. “Jane left by my fault, I was doing too much abuse. I came home completely farted, I hit him”, he had entrusted in the 1980s.

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “We made trips together, where I removed all the bottles from the minibar”

Finally, after the separation of her parents, it is Charlotte who must manage, in turn, the alcohol problems of Serge Gainsbourg. “We went on trips together, where I took all the bottles out of the minibar. I was very aggressive about that. It was horrible. I remember an airplane trip where I had the misfortune of fall asleep and, when I woke up, he could no longer walk, “said the actress in a confessions book in 2018. But alcohol was stronger than Serge Gainsbourg and, in 1991, he died of his fifth seizure cardiac.


Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg: what disease was at the origin of their rupture?
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