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Jamie Lynn Spears: what’s up with Britney’s sister?

She is back ! Mainly known to be the sister of singer Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears is also very talented. If the young woman started her career by appearing in the film Crossroads in 2002 and released her first album in 2014, she is especially famous for having played in the Zoe series, on the Nickelodeon children’s channel. In the latter, she played a thirteen-year-old girl who was entering a school previously reserved for boys. For four seasons, fans loved following the adventures of the pretty blonde but also her friends, Dana, Nicole, Quinn, Chase, Michael and Logan! So a reboot of the series is in preparation!

If the filming was delayed due to the coronavirus, it was in an interview with Nylon that Jamie Lynn Spears confided that she hoped that the fans of the series were happy with the result: “They have been so faithful, and I think in today’s world, especially where we live, I just wanted to do something that makes you happy. It’s reminiscent of that time, but also modern Zoe. ” Jamie Lynn Spears then explained how they struck the perfect balance for the reboot, “Obviously we wanted to meet her as an adult now, and I think it should be a young adult series. We want her. do justice to the fans who were 10 and 12 when it first aired, while also bringing in the new generation of fans. Finding that balance will be really important because we want to connect with where people are today (.. .) We don’t just want to do it to do it. We want it to be good. ”

Focus on the star’s private life

At age 14, Jamie Lynn Spears fell in love with Casey Allen Aldridge. After two years of love, the young woman revealed to be pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Maddie on June 19, 2008, at the age of 17. After their breakup in February 2010, the actress found love in the arms of businessman Jamie Watson Jr., nine years his senior. However, it was six months later that they parted ways and the pretty blonde gave her daughter’s father a chance. After a final break three months after their reconciliation, Jamie Lynn Spears has once again entered into a relationship with Jamie Watson Jr. After four years together, the couple said ‘yes’ on March 14, 2004 before becoming parents. of a little girl, Ivey, on April 11, 2018!

Jamie Lynn Spears © Zuma Press

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