Jamie Foxx: why Katie Holmes left him after six years of relationship?

If his break with Tom Cruise can be attributed to the actor’s membership in the Church of Scientology according to some, Katie Holmes would have separated from Jamie Foxx for reasons that remain unclear. In May 2019, and after having formalized their love, long six years, at the Met Gala in New York, the actors separated. Suri Cruise’s mother is said to have grown tired of her ex-boyfriend’s day-to-day life, judging that too many women gravitated around him according to US Magazine. “He had been dating other women for years,” a relative confided.

Before knocking out Jamie Foxx. “He is disrespectful and their lives were very different. His parties were not in keeping with her lifestyle, she focuses on her daughter and her job.” Neither the actor to the poster of Django Unchained this Sunday, May 9 nor Katie Holmes have confirmed these remarks. To People however, another source close to the ex-lovebirds added, “Jamie thinks Katie is an amazing person. They had a very, very, very deep connection. They brought each other a lot of joy and laughs.” Other informants have mentioned that the film industry has gradually moved them away, without inflaming their relationships. Previewed in Los Angeles with a young singer and model named Sela Vave, Jamie Foxx quickly responded to rumors claiming they were a couple. He had clarified that their relationship was neither more nor less that of a mentor and his protege.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, ready to put the cover back?

Katie Holmes was able to bounce back from this separation. Last September, she was seen in the arms of the chef – and son of the actor of the same name – Emilio Vitolo Jr. A love that seemed to be in good shape … until the first rumors telling them to be cold. “Katie has a lot of big priorities in her life – she’s a single mom and her daughter always comes first and things were going really fast,” according to a source cited by Page Six on April 21. Too fast ? Still, according to other relatives interviewed by the magazine Ok !, Jamie Foxx would be ready to patch things up with his ex-girlfriend. Case to follow.


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