A hidden couple? For six years, Jamie Foxx shared the life of Katie Holmes. The two ended their relationship in August 2019 and according to information released by E! News, he would lecture a woman to be the cause. Indeed, a source close to the actress had told the Daily Mail that Jamie Foxx “has been walking with other women for several years”. Among them, there is the American singer and model Sela Vave with whom she has long been attributed a relationship. If Internet users quickly thought of a possible romance between the two, it is because they did not hesitate to be very close on social networks for several months. “You beat them all,” the actor wrote in one of his posts. They take pictures and the young woman said she was “very grateful to Jamie. Thank you for everything you do and thank you for believing in me”. In addition, they had both appeared in the streets on several occasions and had been seen holding hands around 2 a.m. on their way home from a party. Little touches that quickly gave way to rumors.

They justified themselves. While all the media keep affirming the relationship between Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave, it was a source close to the duo who first spoke. “It’s just a girl he helps, a young singer,” she confided in the columns of People. However, Page Six magazine later explained that the singer moved to the actor’s mansion in California. This time, it was Jamie Foxx who had wanted to restore the truth since he had confided to have invited her for a purely professional perspective, as he had done for Ed Sheeran and Nick Cannon. “When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Eve or Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks. Nick Cannon was 13, he used to sleep in my old house. .. everyone nurses at my house “, he had revealed to his subscribers on Instagram before adding:” I did the same thing with Sela … We took her under our wing … We l ‘treated the same and gave it a chance. Enough to silence the many rumors that imagined them as a couple.

What does Sela Vave think of the rumors of a relationship with Jamie Foxx?

Jamie Foxx had wished to set the record straight regarding his relationship with Sela Vave and also clarified that she is “as young as my daughter Corinne. We never cross that personal line. I wanted you to know, anyone looking for scandal, that it is our artist, it is our family … “. For her part, the young woman had also reacted to rumors and had indicated that she had been called a “diamond cruncher”. An accusation that did not reach her since she had said: “It doesn’t matter to me – I’m here to work and do what I love most”. If the two have never been in a relationship, it seems that they nevertheless appreciated their collaboration.

Jamie Foxx © Zuma Press

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