James Marsters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) divorce

It’s not just in Sunnydale that vampires have complicated love affairs. According to the American site TMZ, the wife of James Marsters, Patricia Jasmin Rahman, began divorce proceedings on February 3, 2020. No information has been released as to the reasons for this separation, and James Marsters, notably known to have as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, has not commented on the news. Patricia Jasmin Rahman thus puts an end to ten years of marriage and 15 years of living together. The couple passed the ring on in January 2011, during a civil ceremony in Los Angeles.

In 2006, James Marsters met Patricia Jasmin Rahman in Berlin, while he was giving a concert with his group GotR. Big fan of the actor of Buffy against the vampires, Jasmin sends him a letter, convinced that he will never contact her. But two days later, James Marsters contacted her. The couple get along well, but by a combination of circumstances, James and Jasmin lose their respective phone numbers. In a facebook post published in 2013, Patricia Jasmin Rahman mentioned this little hitch.

James Marsters and Patricia Jasmin Rahman: The End of a Fairy Tale

“I tortured my family with my feelings for two months until my mom (thank you mom) kicked my ass and said ‘you just have to try all the combinations! ‘ It doesn’t matter if there are hundreds or thousands of combinations for a 9-digit number. And the funny thing is, it only took me 5 attempts! “She said.

Unfortunately, this story worthy of a Hollywood movie will not have a fairytale ending. This divorce will be the second for James Marsters, the 58-year-old actor having separated from his first wife, Liane Davidson, in 1997.

James Marsters and Patricia Jasmin Rahman © Instagram @jasminmarsters

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