Hard blow for James Blunt. While the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be on the rise for several weeks in many countries, people are also not spared by the virus. And while many of them have spoken of the disease, and the consequences on their bodies, James Blunt also revealed that he had contracted the coronavirus, and bluntly revealed the many adverse effects it had on him. It was during a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London on July 23 that the British singer revealed that he had been ill only a few weeks before.

“The only thing on my agenda for a year and a half is this concert and two weeks before I had the covid”, he revealed in full show, revealing to have contaminated two of his musicians, as well as two members of his team. Fortunately, they did very well thanks to their two shots of the vaccine, unlike James Blunt. “I was only vaccinated once and I thought it would be fine, but eventually it hit my lungs and I don’t know if you can hear it, but my voice is fucked up,” the interpreter said. of You’re Beautiful, before revealing another amazing little detail. “Now I’m on steroids and my little thing has gotten small. I mean, even smaller,” he bluntly said to a hilarious audience, reports The Sun.

What illness did James Blunt suffer from when he was younger?

A somewhat painful concert for James Blunt who retains the aftereffects of the Covid-19, but who did not lack humor to delight his fans. An illness which Sofia Wellesley’s husband would have gone well, he who several years ago had contracted … scurvy. A disease that has become rare, of which the singer had developed symptoms after challenging himself to consume only meat. “After eight weeks, I was really very, very sick and I went to see a doctor. He said to me: ‘oh I think you have symptoms related to scurvy,” he recalled, adding that ‘it lacked vitamin C.

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