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James Blunt: how the singer developed scurvy

James Blunt couldn’t take it anymore and had decided to make a radical decision. In the Table Manners with Jessie Wars podcast, the 46-year-old musician explained that when he was studying engineering and sociology at the University of Bristol, England, he had launched a ” challenge “which put his health at risk. Annoyed at being surrounded by vegetarians and vegans, he began to eat only meat. As an accompaniment, he sometimes allowed himself a little mayonnaise, however fruits and vegetables were completely banned from his diet, for a period of eight weeks. “After eight weeks, I was really, really sick and I went to see a doctor. He said: ‘oh I think you have symptoms related to scurvy,'” said James Blunt.

Because of his diet based only on meat, James Blunt had declared a great deficiency of vitamin C, which results in humans, in its severe form, by loosening of the teeth and purulence of the gums, hemorrhages, then finally death. “The doctor told me that I was lacking in vitamin C, so I started drinking orange juice every night which caused me to have acid reflux,” Blunt added in his interview.

The disease from which James Blunt suffered almost no longer exists

Today, this disease has almost completely disappeared from developed countries, only it remains topical in vulnerable populations and in some developing countries. At the time, it was associated with sailors, who went to sea for a long time, sometimes without being able to consume enough vitamin C. However, the human body needs vitamin C, which is found in many fruits and vegetables, to function normally and be in good health.

James Blunt © © Big Australia / KCS

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