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Jameela Jamil: the heartbreaking confidences of the star on his suicide attempt

She wishes to free the floor … Last September, Jameela Jamil revealed to his fans that he had attempted suicide. If she had not gone into details, the 34-year-old actress had conveyed a true message of hope to those who suffer: “Surviving suicide has been the most extraordinary gift for me, to be able to still be there and remind the people I love that sometimes it’s just a particularly overwhelming hour, day, week and month. ” Ready to tell her story, it was during an appearance in the Red Table Talk that the pretty brunette confided: “Eight years ago … I tried to kill myself because I was in deep depression It was my second time trying and I was like, ‘Well, I’m going to do this again if something big doesn’t change – if everything doesn’t change.’ And so I decided to try to understand my trauma, what got me there … ”

After seeking help from a therapist, the ex-star of The Good Place series realized that his depression was caused by suppressed rage. “Realizing this, I said to myself: ‘Okay, I have to change everything completely’ … And so I decided to get rid of my filter (…) and I decided to never again hold nothing back, ”Jameela Jamil said. Finally, the actress added that talking about what she had lived had helped her in her personal life: “I understand that this is not always the most responsible position to take, especially when you are a public figure, but it has been my personal journey to try not to attempt suicide again. ”

The star had dark thoughts

The Indo-Pakistani actress also revealed that her nervous breakdown worsened because she not only had pneumonia, but was also overworked: “I couldn’t lie down and sleep. J was also a DJ, so I worked all night … I worked to the bone, because also, as a woman, you are always told that you have to do a sprint, not a marathon, and therefore you don’t Never say no to a job. You never say no to an opportunity. I was working to death myself. Everything was falling apart and I think I just hit my limit. ” Finally, she added, “Everyone has a limit on how much shit they can have in this world and my cup of shit was overflowing and so I was like, ‘What is this for? I’m not good for anything. No one. Everyone would be better off without me … “Fortunately, Jameela Jamil was able to get rid of his negative thoughts, to the delight of his fans!

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