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Jalil Lespert: this decision he took to protect Laeticia Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday will always be in the heart of Laeticia Hallyday. Even if she allows herself today to fall in love with another man, no one can replace the one who was the man of her life. “I manage to love differently, but Johnny is still there … It’s brave for the man, for a man in my life today. Johnny’s place is still very present. It’s not easy, we are often a couple of three “, she had notably confided during her interview which she had given to the magazine Sept à Huit. While she seemed to spin the perfect love in the arms of Pascal Balland, a Parisian cook, the couple would have decided to separate a few weeks ago. A decision that may have come when the widow of the idol of young people fell under the spell of a comedian.

It is in the arms of Jalil Lespert that Laeticia Hallyday would have today found happiness. Their story would have emerged when the 44-year-old director contacted him to offer him to make a biopic on Johnny Hallyday. Since then, they would have stayed in touch and fell in love with each other. In a post on Instagram, Jalil Lespert also shared a video of two matches that burn together. Laeticia Hallyday’s comment leaves little doubt about the nature of their relationship. She wrote in comments “Love at first sight”, which she surrounded with two hearts.

Laeticia Hallyday was the target of insults

Only a few hours later, Sonia Rolland’s former companion decided to block the comments of this publication in order to protect Jade and Joy’s mother. She was the target of reproaches and insults.


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