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Jalil Lespert on Johnny’s grave: details of the homage of Laeticia Hallyday’s companion

It has become an essential moment for Laeticia Hallyday. On December 5, the widow of Johnny Hallyday organized a vigil at her husband’s grave in Saint-Barthélémy to celebrate the three years of his death. A ritual when she is passing through this island, her “favorite place on earth” which was also a haven of peace for the singer, to such an extent that he chose to rest there. But if the tribute she pays each year with her daughters Jade and Joy has a very special program, this year Laeticia Hallyday has decided to take her new companion, Jalil Lespert, to Johnny’s grave.

If Pascal Balland has always had trouble finding his place in this past so present for Laeticia Hallyday to the point sometimes of forming “a couple of three”, Jalil Lespert seems more than at ease. In tribute to Johnny Hallyday, the director thus shared a photo of the rocker’s grave a few days ago, and also participated in the vigil, organized by Laeticia Hallyday to the sound of Johnny’s songs, but also those he loved, between Elvis Presley and Jacques Brel. A ceremony that took place this year in small groups, but during which all the candles placed on the tomb were lit.

Laeticia Hallyday evokes “the still strong pain”

A birthday still trying for Laeticia Hallyday, who even if she seems to have found love in the arms of Jalil Lespert does not manage to get rid of the memory of Johnny Hallyday. “Three years already which seem to me a century, an eternity … We miss him more than anything and today is not an ordinary day but the days without him are rare … Rare because in truth we live together every moment “, she wrote in a moving tribute for the three years of her death, specifying that the words” will never be strong enough to express this still strong pain of her absence. “

Jalil Lespert © Instagram

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