Jalil Lespert: driving Johnny Hallyday’s car, he creates controversy

At first glance, the photo shared by Jalil Lespert this Tuesday, April 13, 2021 may be trivial. However, Internet users did not see it that way and questions are popping up on the network. Indeed, in this shot, we see the actor with his sunglasses driving a convertible car. Just seeing the wheel, Internet users quickly understand that it is an AC model. Recall that the actor is in a relationship with the widow of Johnny Hallyday since the end of last year. Having become a full member of Laeticia’s family, we understand that Jalil Lespert may be driving Johnny’s convertible, AC Cobra.

During his lifetime, Johnny Hallyday was a real car enthusiast. He was as fond of driving as he was in front of the stage. It is in 2016 that he will treat himself to the car of his dreams, the AC Cobra, in a metallic blue color with the number 7, his lucky number. Moreover, Laeticia never wanted to give up the car according to Closer. Would she have handed over the keys to Jalil Lespert? The questions arise.

“Crazy love between the two lovebirds”

As for the couple, Jalil and Laeticia live an idyllic love story. Moreover, the couple does not hide it and is willingly displayed, repeatedly, on social networks. On March 18, for Laeticia’s 46th birthday, the director declared his love for his sweetheart. “You are the wonder, the jewel that makes me vibrate, breathe and dream every second”, he confessed.

Of course, Laeticia replied “I could spend the rest of my life, lost in the immensity of your love. The way you love me is a transcendental experience. I love you to the ends of the universe . ” The love story is indeed serious and, moreover, the actor has already integrated well into the family.

Jalil Lespert © RACHID BELLAK

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