At the beginning, a love story was not the project of Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert. In November 2020, the two lovebirds formalized during a stay in Italy, to everyone’s surprise, before subsequently becoming inseparable. Trips between Paris, Saint-Barth and Los Angeles, the widow of Johnny Hallyday and the director seem more sure than ever of their feelings for each other, which developed while nothing foreshadowed such a turnaround between them. situation. “We knew each other without knowing each other, without being friends, and one evening, in July 2020, we started a discussion via social networks”, remembers Jalil Lespert in the columns of Paris Match, on newsstands Thursday, September 16.

The discussion simply started from “a joke about raising [their] children,” a “correspondence” that gradually turned into a “friendly exchange” before “getting deeper.” “There was initially no flirtation, no attempt at seduction”, assures her side Laeticia Hallyday who describes a “very romantic epistolary relationship, Gustave Flaubert 2.0”. “It was simple, nice. I discovered a different Jalil from the one I met two or three times a few years ago, in parties”, remembers the widow of Johnny Hallyday, who describes that what He liked the director, it’s “his gentleness, his intelligence, his outlook on life”, as well as on her. “It was four months before we saw each other, we kissed,” she says, adding that their love will celebrate its one year in October.

Laeticia Hallyday has “regained a taste for existence” thanks to Jalil Lespert

Almost four years after the death of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia has suffered many battles, such as that of the inheritance of her husband against her eldest children Laura Smet and David Hallyday. However, as she sank into deep sorrow, she explained that she “found a taste for existence thanks to Jalil”. “And I am convinced that it is Johnny who sends it to me. To relearn to live and to love. And it is a beautiful meeting, it is someone who matters enormously to me”, she said. thus specified a few days earlier on the set of Quotidien, she who notably took the new man of her life to the grave of her late husband. “He gave me back a taste for life, when I could not be happy without betraying Johnny. And meeting another man, it’s as if I was cheating on him”, she had specified, now serene and happy.

Jalil Lespert and Laeticia Hallyday © Instagram

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