For almost six months, Jade Hallyday has been in a relationship with Tristan Garnier Labadie. If the duo have spent a lot of time together in recent weeks, especially in Paris and Marrakech, good things come to an end! Thus, the 16-year-old girl found her mother, Laetitia Hallyday and her sister, Joy, in Saint-Barth. To celebrate the start of her winter vacation, the pretty brunette shared a beautiful shot on her Instagram account. On the latter, she strikes a pose in front of a swimming pool. On the look side, Jade Hallyday opted for a turquoise leopard print bikini and a pearl necklace. It did not take more to seduce her boyfriend …

In the comments section, Tristan Garnier Labadie was quick to come forward by writing: “I’m in love! I miss you!” While they have not seen each other for several weeks, Jade Hallyday replied: “I miss you even more! Aww haha ​​kisses.” If the teenager’s boyfriend finds her lovely, he’s not the only one! In the comments section, many fans also took the time to compliment her. We can read: “Very beautiful young woman, Johnny would be proud!” ; “What a beauty !” ; “Magnificent Jade, a magnificent body, a rare beauty!” or again: “You have become a very pretty young woman !!!”

Jade Hallyday cold with her mother?

At the beginning of January, Bernard Montiel revealed on the Touche plateau not at my post that the teenager’s relationship with her mother was not in good shape. “Jade is at war with her mother (…) They don’t talk to each other at all. Of course, they spent Christmas together in Marnes-la-Coquette, but since then, Laeticia has gone to find Jalil in Rome and Jade has spent the New Year’s Day with her boyfriend in Marrakech, “he said. Since then, it seems that things have improved! In Saint-Barth, Laetitia Hallyday has indeed shared pictures where she poses with her daughters at the airport, but also ready to board the helicopter that would take them to their villa.

Jade Hallyday and Tristan Garnier Labadie © Instagram

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