Jade Hallyday: her wonderful message for her mother Laeticia’s birthday

They were said to be angry, but obviously it is not. For some time now, nothing was going on between Jade Hallyday and her mother Laeticia Hallyday. In the midst of the crisis, the 16-year-old was at war with her mother for various reasons. If the rumors said that the first adopted daughter of Johnny Hallyday did not get along with Jalil Lespert, Laeticia’s new companion, it would seem that it was well after her mother that she had some. But since their return to Los Angeles, everything seems to be better between mother and daughter, especially for Laeticia Hallyday’s birthday.

On Thursday, March 18, she was celebrating her 46th birthday, and received an adorable message from her eldest daughter. “Happy birthday mom. Thank you for always being by my side and understanding me. You are an incredible mom who inspires me in my life”, she wrote on a cliché posted in her Instagram story, before him address an “I love you infinitely”. Attention which shows that the hatchet seems well buried between Laeticia Hallyday and her daughter Jade, while the widow of Johnny Hallyday is working more than ever to repay the tax debt left by the singer.

A solo trip for Laeticia Hallyday

It is thus 30 million euros of debt that Laeticia Hallyday must repay. And Monday, March 15, she even had an appointment, with her lawyer in charge of commercial affairs Olivier Dillenschneider, at the Paris commercial court, forcing her to take a plane for a solo trip, where she made a request for procedure backup, which has been accepted. To repay Johnny’s colossal debt, Laeticia Hallyday had to sacrifice part of the real estate heritage that she inherited from her husband, such as their villa in Pacific Palidades for the sum of 11.5 million euros, which she immediately received. paid to the tax authorities to erase part of its debt. A little solo trip before leaving for Los Angeles to find his darling Jalil Lespert and celebrate his birthday as it should be.

Laeticia and Jade Hallyday © Instagram

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