There are subjects that affect Jada Pinkett Smith. Since 2018, she has been leading her own show, called Red Table Talk. In this one, she allows her guests to confide in on sensitive subjects, to restore certain truths after scandals or even to avoid important social issues. This Tuesday, May 31, she wanted to devote a new issue to alopecia, a disease that causes hair loss and from which she herself suffers. For this, it was Niki Ball, the mother of a 12-year-old girl, who came to deliver on the set. She first revealed that Rio has been “bullied and harassed at school because of her hair loss.” A situation that affected her a lot. “She had big holes on her head, big bald spots. We tried creams, we tried injections, she sometimes did five in a day, but nothing worked…”, he said. -she then confided before adding that her daughter was given very unpleasant nicknames. “Dirty naked rat, bug-eyed alien or even Mr. Clean,” she said.

On March 14, 2022, Rio took his own life. The little girl could no longer bear the criticism she was being subjected to and she had told her mother about it. “Three weeks before his death, Rio had a very bad day at school and it was this day that tipped everything in his head”, remembered Niki Ball before adding: “March 14 is became the worst day of my life”. A moving testimony which quickly made Jada Pinkett Smith cry since the wife of Will Smith suffers from this disease. It was in 2018 that she mentioned this disease for the first time, in an episode of her show. “It was terrifying when it started. I was in the shower one day and I had a big handful of my hair in my hand,” she said before adding, “I wondered if I was going to go bald”. Very transparent on this subject, she had specified that she had “found a treatment to slow down hair loss, but I am open to other ideas”. A few years later, in July 2021, Jada Pinkett Smith shared a photo in which we could see her with her daughter WIllow. In legend, she indicated that she had shaved her head.

Jada Pinkett Smith: why has she recently been at the heart of a scandal?

On March 27, many personalities gathered for a ceremony intended to reward most of them, that of the Oscars. While the evening was going very well, Chris Rick came on stage, spoke and tried a little joke which was in very bad taste. He referred to the film Equal Arms by Ridley Scott, released in 1997 and in which Demi Moore has her head completely shaved. A reference he immediately compared to Jada Pinkett Smith. For his part, Will Smith had quickly lost his calm and he had rushed on stage to … put a slap in the face to Chris Rock. “Don’t ever talk about my wife again!” he said.

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