11 years after the events, the veil has still not been lifted on the assassination of Jacques Serraye in Haute-Garonne. On the night of September 28 to 29, 2011, the body of the 59-year-old man was found in a burnt-out car in a quarry near Chaum, a small town in the far south of Haute-Garonne.

The truck driver and former detainee was killed by Sylvain Rouvio, a fellow prisoner, but Chaffat Abdallah, former detainee and libertine companion of Sylvain Rouvio, also participated in this assassination. Both were sentenced to 18 years in prison following the death of Jacques Serraye. But 11 years later, a gray area still hovers over the mobile of the libertine couple.

Jacques Serraye case: between sex and blackmail

Jacques Serraye met his killers in prison. When he left, the truck driver acquired the Café des Mineurs, in Ronchamp (Haute-Saône), closed for a decade. He then plans to settle there with Chaffat Abdallah, with whom he is madly in love. This one is then in a libertine couple with Sylvain Rouvio. The two have thus decided to bring Jacques Serraye into their union to blackmail him afterwards.

On the evening of the tragedy, the 59-year-old man returned from Alicante and had an appointment with Chaffat Abdallah. Unfortunately for him, he is the victim of an assassination by the libertine couple, who declared two different versions. Sylvain Rouvio mentioned an alleged tendentious text message from Jacques Serraye addressed to the minor daughter of Chaffat Abdallah. She would then have wanted to ‘teach a lesson’ to the truck driver through Sylvain Rouvio. The Comorian has always denied this version. According to her, Sylvain Rouvio would have shot Jacques Serraye out of pure jealousy, not supporting to know that they had to leave together in Franche-Comté. Information that Jacques Serraye would have told him.

Sylvain Rouvio therefore explains, for his part, to have been manipulated by his companion, but does not however deny having given the fatal gunshots to Jacques Serraye.

A mobile still unclear

Given the different versions given by the killers and the lack of evidence for their assertions, the motive for the crime remains unclear, and has therefore not been determined. The truck driver was indeed a victim of the libertine couple, but for what reason? All avenues have been explored. Those of a crime of passion or even extortion were preferred, but no evidence was found to confirm these hypotheses.

Chaffat Abdallah and Sylvain Rouvio are therefore currently serving their sentences, but still allow a great mystery to hover around the assassination of Jacques Serraye, who wanted to settle down after his past as a drug trafficker. Sordid affair.

Jacques Serraye case: the libertine couple had a fatal idea behind their heads

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