On Wednesday May 4, Jacques Martin fans will be able to discover a new documentary broadcast on Paris Première, in tribute to the emblematic host of L’École des fans, who died in 2007. In Jacques Martin: behind your applause, viewers will be able to discover never-before-seen images showing little-known facets of the much-loved presenter, who would have lived through atrocious last days. With the approach of the diffusion of the documentary, Elise, the eldest daughter of Jacques Martin, granted an interview to Gala.

In the columns of the magazine, Elise Martin gave a sad testimony to the relationship between her parents, who had divorced in 1967, when she was only two years old. The daughter of Jacques Martin, who would not have “left serenely”, shared very sad memories with the journalists of Gala, about her mother who was fighting against an addiction: “Our mother had an alcoholism problem. She had kind of sunk into this hell,” she said.

Élise Martin on her mother Annie: “She remained eternally in love with him”

Élise Martin returned to her father’s unwavering support in the face of her mother’s illness: “Dad was always there to help David and me, to try to support mom, to treat her”, she confided to Gala. Only, if we are to believe the testimony of the eldest daughter, the unconditional support of Jacques Martin, who apparently had a problematic relationship with women, was sometimes misinterpreted by her mother: “He was always very present. Maybe even too much, because seeing him care about her so much gave her hope,” she said.

According to her daughter, Annie Lefèvre never recovered from her breakup with Jacques Martin, who had started a relationship with actress Marion Game shortly after. Elise remembers that her mother “always had a suitcase ready”: “She was waiting for dad to tell her to come back. She remained eternally in love with him,” she told the magazine.

However, Annie Lefèvre had met another man but for Élise, this relationship was only a decoy: “It was to better hide her distress. She died at 52 and I think she died of boredom , sorrow, regrets too“, she finished.

Jacques Martin: the moving words of his daughter, Elise, about her alcoholic mother broken by the breakup © CINQUINI

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