It is a date that will always make his children sad. On April 6, 2018, Jacques Higelin died at the age of 77, leaving behind three children, including his youngest who was to become a mother for the first time. Four years later, the pain of this absence remains vivid in the hearts of the Higelins. On the occasion of this sad anniversary, his eldest and his youngest still wanted to speak in order to pay tribute to him on Instagram. Izïa Higelin has unveiled a video of her on stage with her father. Father and daughter had sometimes made a habit of singing live together – much to the delight of their fans. This time it was at the Fnac Live Festival, on the forecourt of the Hôtel de Ville in Paris.

Jacques and Izïa Higelin were overexcited, in this summer of 2013, to close the festival by resuming Irradiés. A frenzied extract which made us smile but which is accompanied by a poignant caption. “The more time passes, the more this day escapes me. The one that matters is your birth, the day you honored the earth with your presence,” says the singer and actress. And to outbid: “Whether it’s been a year, two years or three or four or ten, it’s the same, forever. I miss you terribly since the day you died and I will miss you terribly until the day of mine . I think of all those whose loved ones are gone. Let’s celebrate them and life, to the fullest. They are everywhere you look, radiant”.

Arthur H’s touching words to his father

A real twinge in the heart increased by the tribute of his elder. Arthur H has meanwhile published a photograph of his father, on stage, when he was young. “To you who dies of loving life too much / I dedicate / This air coming from an eternal sorrow / Where fate has condemned me / To wander uncertain, on the paths of oblivion / Let time be impatient, kill your pain / And tell yourself that there is no greater misfortune / Than letting the laughter die in your heart / To your last fear, like a deserter / Give your life to death / And tell yourself that it doesn’t is no greater misfortune / Than to let the laughter die in your heart. For Jacques…”, he writes. Fans of the poet tightrope walker will have recognized the words of his title An aviator in the elevator. Touching!

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Izïa and Arthur Higelin © COADIC GUIREC

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