Harrison Wagner, son of cult actors Jack and Kristina Wagner died last June. A tragedy that shook all of Hollywood since the young man was only 27 years old. Note that the son of the heroes of the American soap opera General Hospital died in troubled circumstances, as recalled by Programme-tv.net. For fans who wanted to know more about the details of this drama, People magazine finally unveiled the sad cause of his death on December 5th. Recall that the body of the son of Jack Wagner, 63, and Kristina Wagner, 60, was found on the night of June 6 in a parking lot in Los Angeles. Of course, an investigation was quickly opened to determine the causes of his death.

The day after the tragedy, the Melrose Place star who is currently on screen on Netflix and his ex-wife who he has been divorced from since 2006 set up a fund in their son’s name. An action made to pay tribute to Harrison Wagner. The former couple also announced that their son had “finally lost his battle with addiction”. Harrison Wagner, DJ, had sunk into drug addiction a few years earlier, explains Programme-tv. “Harrison was a bright and exuberant young man whose smile lit up every room he was in. (…) We want his memory to live on thanks to this scholarship.”, added the bereaved parents. “Jack and Kristina hope to help young people finance the cost of living at New Life House, a drug rehabilitation centre,” according to the outlet.

Harrison Wagner’s death attributed to fentanyl and alprazolam

In a report obtained by People, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner calls it “accidental death.” Tragic circumstances attributed to “fentanyl” and “alprazolam”. This surely explains the message from his parents when he died. In any case, his disappearance leaves a huge void in his family, his loved ones, his entourage as well as his fans.

In fact, on December 1, Harrison Wagner’s birthday, his mother Kristina Wagner mourned her son on Instagram on what should have been his 28th birthday. “There is no second chance. There is nothing. He will not come back. It is final. (…) But life goes on. How can I spend the rest of my life without Harrison ? What does it mean to be ‘well’ after the death of your child, your blood? I had the privilege of knowing him for 27 incredible years.”, she captioned her post. Let’s hope that time will have its effect and heal the wounds of this family which has suffered a lot following this great loss.

Jack Wagner (Melrose Place): the sad cause of his son's death revealed

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