An affair that is myth or reality? Known for being one of the most prolific actors of his generation, but also one of the most nominated for the Oscars and awarded three statuettes, Jack Nicholson has also long been in the news for his liaisons, which are estimated to be in the hundreds at Hollywood. However, if some are proven today, others have never been confirmed, to the point of arousing many rumors and being the subject of a certain fascination in the world of cinema. Like the supposed affair that the actor of the Witches of Eastwick, broadcast on Arte Monday January 24, would have had with Meryl Streep.

A rumor revived in 2013 in Nicholson: A Biography, written by New York Times journalist Mark Eliot. In this biography, he looks back on the meeting of the two actors in 1986, on the set of La Brûlure. If we lend them a love story, things started off badly between them, when the then 37-year-old actress was seen chasing the 49-year-old runner from her room, yelling that she would never do it again. film with this man and his unbearable “relentless sexual advances”, reports the Daily Mail. A rumor always denied by Meryl Streep, who the following year agreed to shoot Ironweed: The Force of Destiny with the star of Shining.

Were Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep a couple then?

However, while the director of the film Héctor Babenco wanted to exploit the tension between the two actors for the film, Jack Nicholson, then in a relationship for several years with Anjelica Huston, would have on the contrary decided to take the lead, before working with the actress. who had been married for nine years to sculptor Don Gummer, after having had a tragic love affair with John Cazale. would then have gone knocking on the door of his trailer on the first day, asking if he could use his toilet. “She said yes. End of the tension”, summed up Marc Eliot, who reports that during filming, rumor had it that Jack Nicholson’s motorhome had often moved between two scenes… Without ever knowing if it was Meryl Streep who was with him.

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