Jack Black: what disease killed his brother at only 31 years old?

If today, Jack Black is a husband in love with his wife, Tanya, a father filled with two boys, Jason and Thomas, and an actor confirmed in Hollywood, the American, who celebrates his 51st birthday, this Friday, August 28, 2020 , had a very complicated adolescence marked by several tragedies. The first of these is the disappearance of his brother, Howard, in 1989, taken away by AIDS. Jack Black was only 19.

“He had a great influence on me (…) He was a vibrant, creative, incredible person. He shaped my musical tastes. His death came very quickly. He was only 31 years old. So young. . Something precious was stolen from us. It was a devastating time and it changed us all. The worst was for my mother. She never really got over it “, explained the actor, in 2015, in an interview with Parade magazine.

Jack Black was stealing money from his mother to buy cocaine

Jack Black’s other teenage drama was his drug addiction. In this same interview, given in 2015, the actor returned to his problem with cocaine. “It was a turbulent time. I had a lot of cocaine issues… I hung out with hotheads. I was even scared to go to school because one of the guys wanted to kill me. wanted to escape from this place, ”he explains. It was finally his arrival in a new school specializing in young people in difficulty that allowed him to get out. “When I got there, I consulted a school psychologist. And there, I gave it all up: I told her that I felt guilty for stealing money from my mother to buy cocaine. cried like a baby. It was a huge confession, a great relief “, confided Jack Black.

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