Music is in the genes of the Higelins. Jacques Higelin transmitted his passion for words and notes to two of his children, Arthur H and Izïa Higelin. At 31, the latter has already released five albums – the last of which, La Vitesse, has been available since June 3. And obviously, she also bequeaths her love of music to her own offspring. It was on August 1, 2018 that Izïa Higelin became a mother, four months after the death of her father. She then gave birth to a little man whose first name she never publicly revealed. A boy who has since accompanied her several times on stage. It must be said that his father, Bastien Burger was also in the game, since a musician and composer with Izïa Higelin, with whom he is now separated. So inevitably, with such parents, the little one who will soon celebrate his 4th birthday is already walking in the footsteps of Izïa Higelin and Bastien Burger.

“Constantly hooked to a guitar, passionate about drums, the kid already seems to be following in his parents’ footsteps”, reports Paris Match magazine this Thursday, August 16, which specifies that his mother “talks about it with immense tenderness, a a pensive smile and a mother hen’s admiration”. Dogs do not make cats, Izïa Higelin is convinced that her son will follow a path similar to his. “When she is not going on the road, she makes it a point of honor to go to school, convinced that her offspring will desert the place as soon as they have the opportunity”, write our colleagues. And the main interested party to confirm: “Another one who will not study! My father said: ‘I am not raising my daughter, I am raising with her.’ I feel the same for my son. He embodies a mirror of carelessness.”

This moment when Izïa Higelin had “the feeling of [se] re-examine small” through her son

Very discreet about her life as a mom, Izïa Higelin prefers to keep her garden secret for her, revealing very few pictures of her son with beautiful curly and blonde hair on Instagram. Nevertheless, the singer and actress has already delivered touching secrets about the way she looks at her wonder. Completely gaga for her toddler, Izïa Higelin explained “to observe (her) little one for hours”. “I let him build his world. He’s not afraid of anything, I love it. I try not to transmit stress, fear, doubt to him. I didn’t know what mother I would be, I’m pleasantly surprised to see me relaxed in this new role”, she confided to Gala in December 2019. Already at the time, Izïa Higelin had taken her son with her on her tour and enjoyed “watching him on stage and behind the scenes”. “I had the feeling of seeing myself again as a child at a concert by my father. It moved me to tears …”, she revealed. A mirror that Izïa Higelin will never tire of.



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