Adele has finally found happiness again. On her Instagram account, Friday May 6, 2022, the day after her birthday, the singer shared some very nice news. The artist assured to feel good in his skin and in his head. “How much can change in a year! If time continues to heal and smooth out the wrinkles in my life as it does as the years go by, I can’t wait to be 60! I’ve never been so happy“, she wrote, at first, in the caption of two photos where she smiles at life. “So many lessons, so many blessings that I’m grateful for. I’m 34, and loving it! Thank you for all the love sent on my birthday, as always.”

Adele’s last years were particularly complicated. At the age of 30, in terms of private life, she has not always been happy. She had separated from the father of her son Angelo, Simon Konecki, whom she had married in 2018. On numerous occasions, in the media, she had confided in this divorce, ensuring that she “was not happy”. Since then, the one who has lost a lot of weight, is climbing the slope and enjoying all the little pleasures of life.

Adele needed a fresh start when she turned 30

In her last album, 30, the age at which she began to write it, Adele evokes her many blows of cockroaches, her need to see something else as well as her heartache. Today, she’s focused on her music and seems to be happiest in the arms of her new boyfriend, basketball agent Rich Paul. What a good way to start its 35th year.

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