Ivanka Trump in tears after her father Donald Trump’s final speech

Since his inauguration on January 20, Joe Biden is officially the President of the United States. He therefore succeeds Donald Trump who, after several months of battle, finally confessed his defeat. He did however deliver a final address as President of the United States at the Andrews Military Base in Maryland in which he said “We will be back in one form or another.” An intervention followed by her eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump who was present with her husband Jared Kushner and their children, Joseph and Arabella. The 39-year-old businesswoman could not contain her emotion, however, and shed a few tears. On Instagram, Donald Trump’s daughter addressed her father’s supporters one last time, saying four years as “the president’s advisor” have been “an honor” for her and that she is “proud “of all that has been accomplished. She also did not hesitate to congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and to wish them much “strength and courage” for the future.

For Donald Trump, this latest statement was a way to summarize his four years as President of the United States. “We worked hard, we gave everything on the ground,” he said, referring to his economic and military record, as well as the way in which the country faced the coronavirus pandemic. All the same, he showed maturity by indirectly encouraging the one with whom he fought for several months: “good luck and success in the next administration. You have the bases necessary to do something really spectacular”. He then reminded his supporters: “I will always fight for you. I will look at you, I will listen to you and I will tell you that the future of the country has never been so bright” and concluded his speech with thanks to his loyal supporters: “I love you from the bottom of my heart. It has been four incredible years. I thank my family, who have done a fantastic job for you.”

Melania Trump’s lyrics

This last speech seemed to be placed under the sign of love and thanks for Donald Trump. The same goes for his wife Melania, who spoke just after. “Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life, thank you for your support, God bless you and bless this wonderful nation,” she said. A speech much faster than that of the former president, but which aimed to thank one last time the supporters who supported them during all these years.

Ivanka Trump © Instagram

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