Jet-setter very well known to the entire international social sphere, Massimo Gargia was preparing to have dinner with his great friend Ivana Trump, who was to join him on July 14, in Saint-Tropez. Unfortunately, this one was probably the victim of a cardiac arrest which was fatal to her, leaving all her friends, her family devastated. This is the case of Massimo Gargia, who made revelations about the last days of his lifelong friend.

Massimo Gargia “I am devastated by this loss”

Very saddened, Massimo Gargia confided in our colleagues from Here, on the difficult times that had passed the first wife of ex-president Donald Trump. “She had been very depressed by the Covid, which terrified her, he explained, and by the disappearance of her last husband, actor Rossano Rubicondi, whose health costs she had financed despite their divorce. the slope. I am devastated by this loss.” said Massimo Gargia. For him, the cause of his friend’s death can perhaps be explained by the complicated months she had spent and her problematic relationship with alcohol. “She had had a difficult month and had a problem with alcohol. Her fall down the stairs may have been due to that, but we don’t know…” he added.

Inconsolable, Massimo Gargia was still struggling to realize that his friend Ivana could have lost her life in such conditions “She was a former ski champion. Very robust physically. I did not expect her disappearance at all, said he added, “we were to have dinner together in Saint-Tropez that very evening. She was an adorable woman, very intelligent, who was very funny in private when she didn’t have to play a role to defend. She was very close to her daughter Ivanka, but her children had their life. In the end, she was a very lonely person”

"Ivana Trump had a problem with alcohol": her friend Massimo Gargia reveals his last days

Massimo Gargia and Ivana Trump were longtime friends © Instagram capture

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