On July 14, Ivana Trump was found unresponsive in her New York apartment. The first wife of Donald Trump received a few days later the last farewells of his relatives during his funeral on July 20, during which a hundred people had made the trip. On this occasion, our colleagues from Paris Match have drawn the portrait of this woman with a rather amazing life. Indeed, she had confided a few years ago to enjoy spending time with young men: “The only men likely to interest me are either in prison, or homosexual, or married (…) I prefer to play baby- sitters rather than nurses,” she said.

If Ivana Trump liked to have a good time as she liked, according to two of her friends her daily life was not so rosy as that. Indeed, Massimo Gargia was asked about the life of Donald Trump’s first wife. And her confidences are quite surprising: “She had been very depressed by the Covid, which terrified her, and by the disappearance of her last husband, actor Rossano Rubicondi, whose health costs she had financed despite their divorce. She seemed going up the slope. I am devastated by this loss. She had had a difficult month and had a problem with alcohol. Her fall on her stairs may have been due to this, but we do not know…”.

Amanda Lear: ‘The last time I saw her she was very beat up’

As for Amanda Lear, she describes Ivana Trump as an exhausted woman: “The last time I saw her, she was very beat up. I think she had a problem with drinking,” she says. Massimo Gargia him, had had the day before his accident on the phone: “She was looking forward to having dinner together. She had just gone to the hairdresser and had to take the plane to Nice”. Unfortunately, life will have decided otherwise.

Ivana Trump depressed and alcoholic? The indiscretions of Amanda Lear and Massimo Gargia

Ivana Trump © Backgrid USA

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