Ivana Trump has wandering hands … A young woman at New York Fashion Week could see it at her expense. As reported by Page Six in fact, the ex-wife of Donald Trump did not leave only good memories when she went to the fashion show of the creator Dennis Basso … since she was more interested in attributes of a Russian fashion blogger to the clothes presented. A source told the outlet that Ivana Trump went to the bar at the upscale Greek restaurant Limani to ask Aliia Roza a totally lunar question: “Can I touch your breasts?” Very surprised by this exchange, the young woman confided in our colleagues. “Putting her hand on my blouse, she said, ‘It’s not sexual, it’s research,'” she said.

But the Russian blogger wasn’t exactly embarrassed by Ivana Trump. “Ivana was so funny,” she reacted, still close to Page Six. She looks really nice. She was cool and really sweet. ” Aliia Roza was then totally raved: “As a future James Bond girl, I have to get used to any situation, including Ivana Trump grabbing my breasts.” And this is not the first time that the Russian has been talked about. Earlier this year, she gave an interview to The Sun in which she explained that she had been a spy after training at a military school run by Vladimir Putin. Having become a mother, she left her country of origin to settle in Switzerland, then in London and finally in the United States, where she has lived for several years and where she therefore met Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump: how long has she been married to Donald Trump?

Donald Trump’s ex-wife is used to stunts. After the defeat of the former President of the United States, she had also granted an interview to People where she did not mince words. . “Donald has always been a sore loser, she recalled. He doesn’t like to lose, so he’s going to fight, fight, and fight again… I just want this to end with one. one way or the other. He has to declare that he lost, but he hates being a loser, you can be sure. But if he loses, he loses, period. ” And to add: “I think he will go down to Palm Beach, play golf and live a normal life. It’s the best choice he can make (…) He has a lot of money, places to live and enjoy “. As a reminder, she was married to Donald Trump for 21 years before divorcing … pocketing $ 14 million.

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